What to bring to a job interview?

Below’s a quick check list of what to bring to a typical office cubical job interview. There’s other specific needs depending on the profession (such as design, etc.), which will not be included in here, as it is a generic list.

  • Business cards – even if you are a student
  • 3x extra copies of your:
    • Resume
    • Cover letter
    • Transcript – if you are a new grad
  • A small notebook
    • Space where you can take notes during the interview
    • List of questions you want to ask the interviewees and leave space to take some notes
    • Before the interview, you can write down brief notes on the employer, interviewees, or other important information you may need to recall
  • A pen (check to make sure it works)
  • Map to the interview location (if its not on your phone)
  • Watch to tell the time in a subtle manner (avoid the use of a cell phone during the interview, as its too obvious)
  • Other items the employer asked for (work sample, etc.)
  • Do not bring anything that is not useful during the interview. This isn’t a fieldtrip.

Something missing from this list? Contact us or leave a comment.

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