Pricing Guideline

This is a pricing guideline to give you an idea of our fees (all amounts in US dollars). All prices are based on task complexity and time necessary. Please note the final quote may be higher or lower than the guideline below. We will provide you with a guaranteed quote prior to you committing, so there will be no “surprises”.

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Tasks Type:

  1. Fix your Excel file that is not working properly
  2. Set up your Excel file to help you organize and manipulate data
  3. Process, filter, sort or manipulate large amounts of data for you
  4. Create custom VBA functions
  5. Debugging existing VBA functions

Fee Breakdown:

  • For Task #1 and 2 (no VBA code):
    • 1 tab or less than 500 non-empty cells: $6.00
    • 2 tabs or less than 1,000 non-empty cells in all sheets: $11.00
    • 3 tabs or less than 1,500 non-empty cells in all sheets: $15.00
    • More complex task? Please contact us.
  • For Task #3 (no VBA code):
    • 1 table and less than 40 columns: $6.00
    • 2 tables and less than 100 columns (in total): $11.00
    • 3 tables or less than 150 columns (in total): $15.00
    • No limit on rows as long as it is within Excel file limit.
    • More complex task? Please contact us.
  • For Task #4 and #5:
    • Generally $15.00/hour, depending on complexity.
    • Simple functions and fixes (less than 50 lines of code): $15.00
    • Please contact us.

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