How to get rid of text formatting in Word?

Often times, copying and pasting between different files causes major cosmetic problems due to formating issues. To solve this problem, paste the text into Notepad to get rid of the formatting:

  1. Copy the text intended to be pasted from source
  2. Paste the text into Notepad
  3. Copy the text from Notepad
  4. Paste into the intended location

This solution is much faster and safer than trying to fix the formatting after pasting, because there  is a lot of hidden formatting properties that you may or may not be aware of.

Get Rid of Formatting in Word or Powerpoint

For example, in Word, there’s a paragraph of blue text.

And one line is copied from another file, and pasted into the paragraph. The one line retains its old formatting.

Get rid of the formatting by first pasting the new text into Notepad and following steps outlined above.

Then paste the text into Word.

As you can see, pasting text without formatting solves the problem.

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