Conditional Formatting for Multiple Cells – Quick Memory Aid

This article is not for beginners, but serves as a memory aid for conditional formatting driven by formulas.

  • In the conditional format, the formula will work as long as it returns true or false
  • For example,
    • =A1<100
    • or even more complex =AND(A1<100,A1>20)
    • Not locking in the reference means the condition will shift the cell being evaluated accordingly
    • Locking the cell is possible – all the conditions will be based on the locked cell
    • Locking only column / row has similar effect – column / row will stay the same while the other will shift accordingly
  • Alternating rows, columns, and checker pattern:
  • =MOD(ROW(),2)=0,MOD(COLUMN(),2)=0)  <- selects the intersecting cell
    =MOD(ROW(),2)=1  <- selects odd row
    =MOD(COLUMN(),2)=1 <- selects odd columns



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